Peninsula Heritage School

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Our Mission


Peninsula Heritage School fosters each child’s intellectual, social, and ethical growth in a loving and caring environment. Our strong academic program challenges and supports each individual within a school community whose global mindset values diverse backgrounds, talents, and learning styles.




The purpose of Peninsula Heritage School is to provide a strong academic program coupled with a focus on developing each child’s character and moral fiber.  The School helps each child develop not only their special talents, but also a full sense of self as an individual with innate, unlimited abilities.  Believing that it is vital to be able to relate to others different from oneself, we strive to have a diverse and inclusive student body.


The Peninsula Heritage School provides a learning environment that:

  • Expects each child to achieve a balance of academic excellence, physical aptitude, and character development.
  • Helps each child to pursue an active curiosity, to experience a love of learning, and to feel the excitement of grasping new ideas.
  • Addresses the individual needs of each child by recognizing his or her uniqueness, dignity, and worth.
  • Develops each child’s unlimited potential.
  • Offers each child a comprehensive curriculum that fosters the ability to think, reason, analyze, and use information.



The Character Quality Program at Peninsula Heritage has a history of over fifty years...these qualities: caring, respect, attitude, gratitude, self-control and perseverance are taught and modeled in the classroom and also presented at our monthly assemblies. Our character program has been nationally recognized six times from the Character Education Partnership, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. 



Showing consideration and regard for others



Treating others the way we want to be treated

(The Golden Rule)



Displaying a “can do” and optimistic approach



Feeling and expressing thanks for all the good things in life



Demonstrating control of one’s actions and emotions



Continuing to try and not give up when the task is challenging