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Eileen Mahoney » Welcome to Sixth Grade!

Welcome to Sixth Grade!

The year is full of creativity, curiosity, and endless opportunity. We have the pleasure to discover ancient civilizations that ruled our Earth thousands of years ago and devour literature that will expose us to complex and mesmerizing characters.  Students not only learn about the past but experience it through real-life simulations, cultural art projects, and drama. The annual Egyptian skit and Greek Wax museum allow sixth graders to step back in time and transform into captivating historical figures! Science allows us to discover ecosystems, renewable energy, and the structure of our Earth. Our annual field trip to the Pali Institute is where our students get to see their science textbook come to life while learning about astronomy, geology, ecology, and leadership through various hands-on activities! Sixth grade mathematics is designed to be a bridge from elementary mathematics to more abstract mathematical reasoning.   Problem Solving skills are taught through the Problem of the Week and FACEing math is an artistic way to combine math with art. Moreover, Marcy Cook’s daily math problems make the learning process fun and engaging! Sixth Grade is a year where students learn how to be independent thinkers and acquire the skills necessary to flourish and succeed throughout future school years.