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Why Annual Giving?

Peninsula Heritage School makes tuition competitive but also affordable. Like most independent schools, tuition does not cover the full cost of a PHS education, so the School counts on voluntary support from parents and other members of the school community to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and annual operating expenses.


Does my gift matter?

Yes, it most certainly does! First, every child benefits from the programs and faculty supported by the Annual Giving Fund, so every family is asked to support the Annual Giving Fund! Second and very importantly, our school is accredited by the prestigious California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), and a portion of our accreditation focuses on the percentage of parent participation in Annual Giving. This indicates to the Association the sustainability of our school.  Third, levels of parent involvement in the Annual Giving Fund demonstrate to the local businesses who donate auction items for our fundraisers that our own parent community is willing to invest in their children’s future. Lastly, high levels of parent participation in the Annual Giving Fund signal that our parent body supports the administration and the mission of Peninsula Heritage School, which is crucial in seeking grants from local and national foundations.


Will my donation to the Annual Giving Fund be tax deductible?

Yes, Peninsula Heritage School is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code, so your donations to our PHS Annual Giving Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


When will I be asked for an Annual Fund contribution?

We kick off the Annual Giving Fund each year in September, and our goal is to have all donations or pledges received by December 31. In this way, your contributions are deductible in the current calendar year, while pledges may be followed with donations through June 30.



If I have questions about Annual Giving, who can I ask?

A parent volunteer, serving as Class Giving Chair for your child’s classroom, will be one point of contact for all of your questions and information that you seek. In addition, you are always welcome to contact the School’s Office of Advancement in person or at 310-594-1594,


How much does Peninsula Heritage School expect me to give?

We encourage all families to make a meaningful gift commensurate with your family’s financial ability. Please consider making Peninsula Heritage School one, if not the primary focus of your philanthropic contributions this year. Every gift to PHS makes an immediate impact, and each gift is deeply valued. All families, regardless of any financial assistance they may receive, will be asked to donate to the Annual Giving Fund.


Why is the percentage of parent participation so important?

We seek 100% parent participation, which indicates a loyal parent body that actively supports the School. It also demonstrates the commitment of our parents to the School as we go out and seek to obtain grants from foundations and corporations. In addition, it is a strong component of our California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) evaluation and accreditation process. Yes, a donation from every household is extremely important!