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International Students

Peninsula Heritage School welcomes international students, as they bring their diversity and culture to our student body, while our children welcome and include new students to their classes. Within our school’s caring and nurturing environment, international students learn the English language and progress in all areas of academics.

Peninsula Heritage School is an approved entity within the United States Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), and as such can generate the I-20 Form necessary for the student to obtain the F-1 Visa to study in the US.


Of particular interest to international students is our school’s STEM program. In mathematics, students learn at their level of intellect and accomplishment, with some students in math classes one or two grades about their same-aged peers. In our Middle School, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II are offered as full-year courses. Our rigorous science curriculum is studied within each classroom, followed by hands-on inquiry through demonstrations and experiments in one of two science laboratories. Laptops and iPads are employed as research and teaching aids throughout the school in multiple subjects. In addition, our eighth graders participate in a coding and robot/quadcopter construction project as part of their science studies. The year-end culmination is a full day STEAM (including the Arts) FAIR featuring science and engineering projects created and presented by each class.

The Process

Parents of international students begin the admissions process by emailing the Director of Admissions, Pedro Jimenez, at and stating their interest in applying to Peninsula Heritage School. This email should also be accompanied by as many of the following as possible:


  • The completed Application Form, which is available below.
  • The completed “Information Required for I-20 Form, which is available below.
  • Indication that the Application Fee has been mailed to Pedro Jimenez, Director of Admissions, Peninsula Heritage School, 26944 Rolling Hills Road, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274, USA
  • Student’s recent report cards
  • Student’s recent test scores
  • A teacher or Head of School written recommendation (in English)


The Admissions Committee will evaluate the information, and when possible, meet in person with the student.


When a decision of acceptance has been made by the Admissions Committee, the I-20 Form will be mailed to the address indicated on the previously submitted form. Parents must pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee at Parents can then make an appointment with the US Consulate/Embassy to obtain the F-1 Visa. The student and parents take the I-20 Form, proof of payment of the I-901 SEVIS fee, and other required documents to the appointment.

When the student and parents arrive in the United States, we ask that they call the school (310-541-4795) and make arrangements to come and obtain all that is necessary to start the new school year.

If parents have questions regarding any phase of the visa process, please contact the Director of Advancement, Joan E. Behrens at