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Banners outside with character qualities
Banner which says caring
Banner which says respect
Banner which says attitude
Banner which says gratitude
Banner which says self control
Banner which says perseverance

A Character Driven Education

For over sixty years, we have placed a high importance on developing the character of our students. One of the reasons for the establishment of our school back in 1961 was the desire of the founding parents to have their children educated in an environment where character education was integral to the curriculum. We incorporate character qualities into classroom discussions and projects beginning in kindergarten and by the time our students graduate, they possess a strong sense of morality, emotional intelligence, and character. 

A Look at Character Education in the Classroom

Every month, a PHS class does a performance about one of our character qualities during a Friday Assembly. During rehearsals and performances, students build self-confidence, work together as a team, practice their memorization skills, and reflect on the character quality they are presenting.

Pictured to the right are Third Graders whose performance centered around our character quality "Caring". They shared positive messages about being caring and kind towards others during various situations inside and outside the classroom.

character quality assembly