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Banners outside with character qualities

Our Mission 

Peninsula Heritage School fosters each child's intellectual, social, and ethical growth in a loving and caring environment.

Our strong academic program challenges and supports each individual within an inclusive school community whose global mindset values diverse backgrounds, talents, and learning styles.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of Peninsula Heritage School is to provide a strong academic program coupled with a focus on developing each child’s character and moral fiber. We help each child develop their special talents and a full sense of self as an individual with innate, unlimited abilities.  Believing that it is vital to be able to relate to others different from oneself, we strive to have a diverse and inclusive student body.

Our Learning Environment

Our teachers help each child pursue an active curiosity, experience a love of learning, and feel the excitement of grasping new ideas. We address the individual needs of each child and help them achieve a balance of academic excellence, physical aptitude, and a strong character. Our comprehensive curriculum fosters the ability to think, reason, analyze, and use information.