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Two board members posing for a photo with Dr. Chun

Meet our Board of Trustees

Peninsula Heritage School is governed by a Board of Trustees who, working collectively and collaboratively with the Head of School, ensures the strength and sustainability of our school. Our Board of Trustees comprise a diverse group of talented members of the South Bay community who highly value a strong education.


Co-President - Zita Macdonald

Vice President - Darren Tangen

Treasurer - Viraf Pudumjee

Secretary - Peggy Bartlett

Aubrey Abramson

Dr. Cindy P. Chun

Les Fishman

Melissa Hewitt

Vivian Lum

Sarah Wizemann

Viraf Pudumjee

Willard Woods


Board Organization

The Board meets monthly during the school year and operates through a committee system, with each committee meeting regularly to set annual goals, make policy recommendations, and provide regular reports to the Board.

Annual Report: 2020-2021

2021 Annual Report