Heritage Happenings from the Head of School

Patricia Cailler

Head of School


Eighth Grade Graduation!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Our first-ever Eighth Grade graduation was certainly a milestone in the history of Peninsula Heritage School! From the initial processional into St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, through to the concluding photo presentation, our fabulous graduates set the standard for the coming years!
Trustee Co-President Adam Walch capsulized the thoughts and emotions of the entire PHS community when he asked the graduates to look across the way at the new Middle School buildings. “This is your legacy,” he declared, as these graduates were the first Eighth Graders to enjoy the beautiful new campus.
Wearing their maroon graduation gowns, the students expressed their individuality as they shared how Peninsula Heritage School prepared them for what lies ahead. Some of their remarks were light-hearted while others were serious; some students have been here at PHS since Kindergarten, while two others joined the class from China. However, they all expressed appreciation for the academic, emotional, and social foundation they received here at Peninsula Heritage.
PHS parent and talented vocalist Jennifer Stuler, accompanied by PHS Music Teacher Charlie Miller, sang “Unwritten” with its timely lyrics for the graduates: “Today is where your book begins, The rest is still unwritten.”
The concluding photo presentation, created by our multi-talented Mr. Miller, focused on each graduate, with snapshots from the students’ years at PHS. The musical accompaniment, “Love is Here to Stay,” beautifully captured the emotions and joys of all those present!

Second Grade’s Shakespeare Production

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

Shakespeare in Second Grade? Yes, at Peninsula Heritage School! Our Second Graders were recently immersed in studying the Bard, his time period, and his works. Directed by their teacher, Mrs. Esturain, the children created timelines with illustrations and built a personal model of the Globe Theater. Each student also read one of Shakespeare’s plays in story form. On “Shakespeare Craft Day” the Second Graders made masks, created flower crowns, and painted family coats of arms.
Using a children’s script of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the students took ownership of their parts while rehearsing and memorizing their lines. With musical assistance from Mr. Charley
Miller, and backstage costume changes with Miss Mervette and Miss Carolina, this magical production in our Amphitheater was enthusiastically received by parents and PHS students.
“This experience helped to increase the children’s confidence,” relates Mrs. Esturain, “and also formed a foundation for understanding Shakespeare’s works.”
Successful productions are followed by great after-parties, and this was no exception. Volunteer parents Mrs. Merilee Brooks and Mrs. Latifa Willoughby helped prepare the red carpet sprinkled with stars leading into the classroom where a tasty selection of cupcakes with butterflies and flowers, Pinkberry frozen yogurt, and delicious fresh fruit awaited these young thespians and Shapespeare scholars.

Music on Her Mind

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

One of our 5th Grader students recently received considerable recognition for her musical accomplishments. When she was only five years old, Jacqueline Chew launched her violin career. She also wanted to play the piano, so a year later she began piano studies. Her perseverance and hard work through the years enabled her to score the top mark in the United States on the 2015 violin examination of the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. As a result of this honor, she was invited to perform both piano and violin at the Southern California Festival of Excellence held at the University of Southern California, Newman Recital Hall! Cheers and congratulations, Jacqueline!

Cool Jazz from the American Songbook

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

“At last week’s Mothers’ Day Assembly, The Fourth Graders personified the cool jazz of ‘Bye, Bye, Blackbird,’” relates Ms. Deb Wilcox, PHS Theater Arts Teacher. “With their black bowler hats, black shirts, and black pants, they easily embodied the different rhythm and tempo changes of the piece, utilizing their acting, singing, and dancing skills. In addition, their ‘Mom-a-Logs’ were so truthful and were spoken right from their hearts.”
“Four members of our Sixth Grade Audio/Tech Elective were at the soundboard for this assembly,” adds Mr. Charley Miller, PHS Music Teacher. “These students are learning the basics of operating the speakers and microphones in our sound system during our weekly class, and when they function as a technical crew during our assemblies, their learning is greatly enhanced.”
Another unique feature of last week’s assembly was a sneak peek at the Second Graders’ upcoming Shakespeare comedy, “Midsummer Night’s Dream,”! Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 26th at 1:30 pm for what is sure to be an impressive performance in our Amphitheater by these young thespians.